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Saturday, 13 July 2024
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Proxyjudge For FPL

A ProxyJuge is usually a Perl or other CGI script (now PHP is also available) that returns a subset of the environment variables of the server.

For the correct work script must send some special variables in its response which proxy test tools can use to classify the proxies.

Please open one of the following urls in your browser to ensure that it works and then type it in the setting dialog of Bleach (FPL proxy tester module). You can use the following proxyjudges for other proxy test tools too.

AZ Proxyjudge (recommended)

Note: Bleach 1.05B (released on 24 Jan) supports both PHP and PL version. Bleach 1.05 only supports the PL version.


CGI Proxyjudge (not recommended)

You are wasting your precious proxies if test them with CGI proxyjudges (why). However it's helpful to show how to judge the level of a proxy when you browse the CGI proxyjudge page through proxies.

My-Proxy PHP Proxyjudge

Becuase CGI proxyjudge will cause great load to the web server, it always dies in a short time if too many people use it. So FPL also support PHP proxyjudge, which is a relative lightweight for the server and it will usually last a long time.

PHP Proxyjudge examples: (This link is only for demo, can't use it in FPL)

My-Proxy PHP Proxyjudge List


Proxyjudge Script Downloads

If you have a web server, you can use the following script to set up your own proxyjudge server.

If you would like to share your proxyjudge here, please let us know.

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