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Wednesday, 19 June 2024
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FPL Online Help

How to Use FPL

1) Logged into the forums with Internet Explorer (not Firefox or Opera).
2) Please select "Log me on automatically each visit" when login.
3) Use IE to view the topics to make sure you have the right to see the proxies
4) Click the "Start" button in FPL to start leech that forum.

After you login the forums, FPL can read your account information from IE. In fact FPL tries to act just as IE. It's same for the forum whether you use FPL to leech or open another IE to read the topics one by one from the forum. If it's your first time to use FPL, here is a good video tutorial for you.

FPL Main Menu

FPL main

Function of the buttons

  • Start: Start to leech proxies from the forums in the forum list
  • Stop: Abort leeching
  • Settings: Configure FPL
  • Download links: Download the latest leech links from My-Proxy
  • Leech List: Edit the leech lists
  • Reload List: Reload the leech lists
  • Proxy List: View the leeched proxy list
  • Test Proxy: Launch Bleach to test the proxies
  • About: Information about FPL and register FPL
  • Register: Register FPL online
  • Exit: Exit FPL

Modify the FPL settings

FPL setting

  • Forum Thread: The number of forums to scan simultaneously
  • Topic Thread: The number of topics to scan simultaneously for each forum
  • Total Thread: Total Thread = Forum Thread + Topic Thread x Forum Thread
  • Time out: How many seconds for FPL to wait for one thread

FPL setting notice

  • Forum Thread: FPL will run faster if the number is bigger. Note that it will make your surfing slow if the number is too big.
  • Topic Thread: It will significantly speed up the leeching process if you set it bigger, but it will cause additional load to the forums. So this option is now only available for registered users.
  • Total Thread: It depends on the Concurrent Forum and Concurrent Topic. FPL will calculate it for you.
  • Time out: If your connection to the forums is slow, please set it bigger, which however will make the leeching process longer.
  • Suggestion: It is recommended to use the default setting.

Bleach (FPL Proxy Tester) Main Menu


  • Browse: Select input file that contains the proxies to be tested
  • Remove Duplicates: Extract the unique proxies in the file
  • Test Proxies: Start testing the unique proxies
  • Advanced Setting: Configure Bleach
  • View Results: View the classified proxies and test history

Bleach Setting Dialog

Bleach Setting

  • ProxyJudge: The URL is used to classify the proxies. Test it in the browser to make sure it's live before testing. Use a new proxyjudge in our proxyjudge page if the default proxyjudge died.
  • Max Thread: Bleach will run faster if the number is bigger. Note that it will make your surfing slow if the number is too big (more than 100).
  • Remove gateway proxies: Please refer to this topic for more details: What's gateway proxies
  • Save test results in history: Whether save the results in the history folder.

FPL About Dialog

  • Computer ID: In order to generate the serial number, you may be asked to submit your unique FPL Computer ID in this dialog, which can be invoked by clicking the button with a icon "i" in the FPL main window.
  • Serial Number: We will give you the serial number if you purchased FPL.

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